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Diet Consultation for PCOD
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  • Especially designed diet plan to help maintain a healthy weight and an overall healthy system
  • Manage insulin levels without killing your taste buds!
  • Balance hormones in the most natural way with our certified nutrition experts
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Today’s changing lifestyle, stress and food habits have led to tremendous health issues, out of which Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a major concern amongst women of reproductive age. This lifestyle disorder is one of the major factors that cause infertility and other complications for women's health. Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition in which a woman's ovaries produce immature or partially mature eggs in large numbers that becomes cyst in ovaries over time. Due to this ovaries become large and secrete large amount of male hormones (androgens) causing infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, hair loss and abnormal weight gain.


Yoga is an effective way to keep PCOD in check. According to a study, women who indulge in one hour of yoga thrice a week for three months will notice a reduction in testosterone levels by 29%. All the information available online can get a little overwhelming when PCOD diet is concerned. Is weight loss the answer? Will exercise help? Is it okay to completely ditch every food item that raises your blood sugar level? Don't worry! We understand that PCOD can be difficult and baffling.


We understand that PCOD can be difficult for many reasons among women of reproductive age. LivFitt has curated a special integrated yoga and nutrition program for PCOD with the help of our certified and skilled experts. We have certified nutrition experts to help you manage your symptoms in the most natural way.

So, hop on your mats and join us!

1. Workout increases your appetite  

Any form of exercise utilises energy which in turn makes you more hungry. It is essential that you don't keep snacking on unhealthy food. This is why LivFitt has a team of experts who will guide you throughout.

2. The right amount of protein 

Protein is important when you are doing any form of physical activity. But how much? Different bodies need different amounts of protein depending on age, weight, lifestyle and other such conditions. Too much or too little of something can have an adverse effect. We don't want that, do we? LivFitt’s diet plans are curated in a way that you get the right amount of protein and other such

3. Good nutrition is important for well-being 

Poor diet can affect physical and mental health. Following a diet plan will help you to stay active throughout. People that follow a good diet plan report fewer cases of mental health issues. You will not only lose weight, but will experience great health. 

4. Save time  

Don't we all love saving time? But as soon as we have our breakfast, we start planning for lunch and as soon as lunch is over, we get on with the dinner. This takes the whole day! When you start following our diet plan, you can stop worrying about your meals. 

Save yourself time on the busiest days by having your meals already planned by us.

  1. Download the Zoom App on your mobile, iPad, or laptop
  2. To join online training, you can click on the button that is sent to you via email. Alternately, you can also click on the button that is there in your dashboard/booking history
  3. Choose a right place to do your favourite workout
  4. Please have your yoga mat and water bottle with you
  5. Follow your instructor carefully
  6. Workout regularly for a healthy body and mind
  1. Validity of the package / bookings will be strictly in accordance with the time period for which the purchase was made and as per the time period mentioned in your plan. No refunds will be made once a plan is purchased.
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