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One fitness plan that gives you unbelievable benefits. Sounds too good to be true? We present THE ULTIMATE FITNESS PLAN just for you! A plan that has multiple benefits, crazy number of classes to choose from, certified professional trainers, customised sessions, worldwide networking, Phew!. It's almost Hard To Believe!

1 Month(s)
100 Sessions
₹ 2499
₹ 999
3 Month(s)
300 Sessions
₹ 5999
₹ 2599
6 Month(s)
600 Sessions
₹ 7999
₹ 3999
12 Month(s)
1200 Sessions
₹ 9999
₹ 5999
Only ₹10/- per session
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Now achieve your dream body without having to spend extravagantly!  LivFitt prices are very reasonable when you consider the Cutting Edge Physical Fitness and World Class Personal Training Services that come with your membership! These live sessions are conducted by our certified, highly renowned personal trainers. They are here to guide you through every step of your journey.

Crazy right? Wait, it gets better


The significance of Yoga is manifold. It is an ancient practice that is not only for the young but for people of every age. Yoga classes for beginners that are modified for a more challenging set of poses make it possible for anyone to join. We provide relaxing and soulful Yoga classes like Full body Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga for Stress Management etc. 


Zumba classes involve high-intensity moves such as jumping and bouncing but can be modified as per your fitness level. You can either start slow or dance your heart out! You do not have to be a great dancer to join our class, just Drop the workout and Join the Party! 


We all know that regular exercise is beneficial for your health, but it takes no time for your fitness routine to become just a monotonous routine. Mixing different forms of workouts will not only spice things up but also work on different muscle groups that will make excellent progress towards your goals. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a special class that targets the entire body and includes everything FUN! 

At LivFitt, we not only focus on a fitter body, but a peaceful mind for an overall holistic system of living. A higher quality of life is ensured by a Crazy blend of  exhilarating workouts and nutritious diet plans. 

We believe that fitness should be available for anyone and everyone! Hence, we have come up with this Ultimate Membership Plan that will suit everyone. So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Join in and get all these services at a Crazy and Unbelievable price! It Cannot Get Better!

Get Ready For an EXPERIENCE of a LIFETIME!  

There are so many different types of workouts these days - Yoga, pilates, HIIT, stretching, running, walking, and spin. How do you choose one? Well, you don't! There are numerous reasons why we should mix our workouts often but here are some of the major reasons. Let's get right into it, shall we? 

  • It is always good to switch things up 

The body will be challenged and the soul will love the joy-inducing workout that you will be experiencing. This may sound insane, but you will start taking care of yourself and filling your beautiful cup! You will not know what the next move will be, which will make you use your brain since your body will not be leading the workout, you will. 

  • No injuries

Since it is a mixed workout, which means there is a combination of high and low-intensity workouts. Some days your body will need deep relaxation and stretching sessions while other days it may need an intense HIIT session. Mixing balances the workout which helps the body avoid injuries and burnout. Low intensity gives the body time to heal so that it performs better in high-intensity workouts. 

  • It is FUN!

When you do the same workout day after day, you get bored! Not just that, you burn your body out. When you add new activities to your fitness game, you are bound to have more fun. You will love working out!

  • Keeps challenging the body 

Just like you, your body too gets bored. The body adapts when you keep doing the same old workout routine. The body says “yeah I know! What's next?” By doing this you are not challenging your body. 

  • Notice results

Mixing exercises will give your body time to heal, which will give results you may have never seen before. You will achieve strength, muscles, weight loss, or simply peace of mind. 

  • Boosts heart health 

The high-intensity workouts mixed with low-intensity workouts not only gives aerobic benefits but also anaerobic benefits - the one that helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • Tones the whole body

Mixing workouts target different parts of the body. You may feel soreness in areas you never knew existed, but you will get results. 

  1. Download the Zoom App on your mobile, iPad, or laptop
  2. To join online training, you can click on the button that is sent to you via email. Alternately, you can also click on the button that is there in your dashboard/booking history
  3. Choose a right place to do your favourite workout
  4. Please have your yoga mat and water bottle with you
  5. Follow your instructor carefully
  6. Workout regularly for a healthy body and mind
  1. Validity of the package / bookings will be strictly in accordance with the time period for which the purchase was made and as per the time period mentioned in your plan. No refunds will be made once a plan is purchased.
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4.3 / 5
Overall Rating
Convenient and effective
23 Nov 2023
Instructors pay attention
Convenient and effective
23 Nov 2023
Instructors pay attention
Happy with the results
22 Dec 2022
All you need to do is join their yearly plan once, and you are good for one whole year! They keep you updated and motivated throughout
Priyanka Sharma
This is the best program till now
08 Dec 2022
I have experienced with multiple difference websites. bcz here i have multiple slot option available, so that I can do daily workout / yoga. and its very cost effective just 1 rupee / session. Thank you LivFitt
Thanks LivFitt For this Membership
02 Dec 2022
“The workouts are fun, the fellow members are inspiring, the workouts are led by personal trainers who give hands on instant feedback and adjustments during the workouts and just the right amount of encouragement. The music is blaring and the atmosphere is awesome. You will not do the same workout twice and if you join you will see the results no question. It’s a life changing experience and I recommend it highly to all my friends and family.”
So Effective
13 Oct 2022
“Hands down, best choice I’ve made training with LivFitt. VERY friendly team who make me actually want to train regularly. I look forward to joining every class and always feel amazing when I leave.”
Nimrat Kaur
Best Program
13 Oct 2022
I have bought four times monthly program previously. but now i am doing full body workout... with this program. its very cost effective.
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