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Are you short on time but need a sweaty – super effective – workout routine? Presenting our Electrifying HIIT classes! Chances are you have already heard about HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training as it is Quite the Hype! And there is a reason for its popularity – science has proven that they work! HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a challenging exercise that is performed at an intense level. In this workout, the exercises are done in bursts with short periods of recovery in between. Sometimes it's a slow start and becomes faster and more intense with every exercise. Typically, it consists of a combination of cardio and strength training to make a full-blown high-intensity interval training workout. The muscles feel exhausted, the heart rate goes up and the body feels winded. The combination of such high-intensity workouts will keep your body guessing! Compared to the usual long stretches of moderate-intensity exercises like running, cycling, and other aerobic workouts, studies show that HIIT boosts cardiovascular fitness twice as much, especially for people with heart conditions. When it comes to weight loss, studies show that High-Intensity Interval Training may surpass the usual cardio exercises. The reason is that HIIT increases energy expenditure and fat burnng for hours even after the workout.

  • Burn calories even after the workout 

  • Save time with better results 

  • It's super fun!


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  • Benefits
  • How it works

As the name suggests, HIIT is intense and challenging. It is more like taking your regular cardio exercise to some other level. It makes you push yourself out of your comfort zone. HITT can be used with any type of cardio exercise – running, jumping rope, rowing, etc. 

You will sweat faster when you work out at an intense level and slow down during the recovery period, which is followed by another round of the intense workout. This way you save time! You will not be working out as long as you would do with your traditional cardio workout routine. 

There is also a post-workout bonus – you will be burning calories for about 2 hours after the workout! Yay!

Recovery phases

HIIT consists of a vigorous high-intensity workout that is followed by phases of recovery. You can either come to complete rest or do a low-intensity workout like jogging.

Not completely convinced? Let's look at some more benefits of HIIT.

HIIT makes you burn calories for hours

As compared to a continuous cardio workout, HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout. The caloric expenditure is increased by the burst of increased intensity. Furthermore, you burn calories for two hours even after the workout, adding to a greater caloric burn! 

  • It is Super Fun! 

HIIT is way more fun than your regular low-intensity, steady-state workout. Studies show that people enjoy a good sweaty high-intensity interval training workout than a continuous moderate-intensity workout. It's simple, if you get a kick out of your workout, you are most likely to stick to it!

  • It is a Time Saver

By now, we know that HIIT is most efficient as compared to other workouts. But according to science, this is how crazy-efficient it is! You can get the same results in half the time of a longer-duration moderate-intensity workout. 

  • HITT is excellent for your heart

HIIT does not just increase the flexibility of your muscles, it increases the elasticity and flexibility of arteries and veins way more than moderate-intensity workouts. HIIT increases the demand of pressure on the blood vessels, giving them a workout too.  

  • HIIT improves mental health 

Everyone knows that regular exercise is associated with better mental health. HIIT adds to these benefits. 

  • No equipment is needed!

Don't have dumbbells? That's ok! HIIT workout generally is done using body weight. This is because the idea is to keep the heart rate up and keep it there. 

Some HIIT moves 

  • Mountain climbers - This HIIT move will burn a lot of calories as it takes a lot of energy. 

  • Air squats - this is an essential full-body move. These are mainly about the form so make sure you do not do it vigorously. 

  • Jumping jacks - you know the drill with this one. Give it your all

By now you know how incredible HIIT can be. Ready to give it a try? LivFitt has created special classes keeping all your fitness goals in mind! We wish to give you the most Exhilarating workout experience! Sweat it out with our Super Fun and Exciting HIIT online classes. Save time and get fitter with us! 

Let's HIIT it! 

  1. Download the Zoom App on your mobile, iPad, or laptop
  2. To join online training, you can click on the button that is sent to you via email. Alternately, you can also click on the button that is there in your dashboard/booking history
  3. Choose a right place to do your favourite workout
  4. Please have your yoga mat and water bottle with you
  5. Follow your instructor carefully
  6. Workout regularly for a healthy body and mind
  1. Validity of the package / bookings will be strictly in accordance with the time period for which the purchase was made and as per the time period mentioned in your plan. No refunds will be made once a plan is purchased.
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