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How to beat tiredness and fatigue?

How to beat tiredness and fatigue?

Everyone today is busy and has no time to sit back and relax. We are all living in an exceptionally demanding world. Running to meet deadlines, being available for everyone and everything, balancing work and family are some of the things that end up making us feel extremely tired. Well, before we get to the ways you could remove your tiredness let's find out why we experience it?  

Poor Sleep Cycle

Long Working Hours 


Eating Habits 

Understanding your body is the first step toward finding peace and restoring your spirit. Lets now focus on how can we get over the feelings of tiredness and fatigue:

Get Your Schedule on Track: Eating timely is very important to not feel tired and fatigued. Food gives us energy and when we are low on energy we feel tired. Hence food should be eaten at the right time and in the right quantity. 

Work-life balance: Do not carry the extra burden of work back home. Your work is meant to be done and dusted in the office itself. Any important work you have should be over in the office so that you go home relaxed. Resting and giving time to yourself is important in every aspect. 

Drink Water at regular intervals: Staying hydrated is very important in order to not feel tired or fatigued. Constant intake of water also cuts down on unnecessary cravings and eating due to boredom. 

Feed yourself correctly: Right food and the correct quantity of food is important so that you can focus on your health as well. Good food will always help you cope up with stress and anxiety at work, whereas bad food will always increase it. 

Screen Detoxification: In today’s time everything is online, which makes it more important to take a break from our screen time. Turn off all notifications for a while. Avoid combining screen time with food or meals so that you can focus on your food. Monitor your screen time and take short breaks whenever you can. Keep a check on your posture as you work online because you may not realise when you adapt the wrong posture which can give you different kinds of aches and muscular deformities. 


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