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Why should you exercise regularly?

 Why should you exercise regularly?

We all know exercise is essential for people trying to lose weight. But do we know that it is also very good to maintain good health. Exercise makes you stay active, fit and fresh. It is very important to exercise every day so that your body has good flexibility and stamina.  

Improves mood: Whenever you become cranky and depressed make sure to go into nature and walk for a while, you will see positive changes in your mood. This is why exercising every day gives you the fuel to stay happy, positive and active throughout. Production of endorphins after exercise works as a mood elevator.

Boosts energy: As you exercise the blood circulation reaches each and every part of your body and makes you feel fresh and active tip to toe. Exercise also produces endorphin chemicals in the brain that are the body's natural painkillers. 

Promotes better sleep: Exercise needs strength and stamina hence it consumes the energy of the body in the right way. People with insomnia should exercise regularly so that their body muscles feel sore and tired and they have a sound night sleep. 

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases: Many lifestyle disorders can be reversed with the help of regular exercise. Staying active and healthy is the key goal and exercise helps you attain it. Once it is attained you can reverse any health issue that has been caused by a lack of activity of the body. 

Boosts self-confidence: When you exercise regularly, you always be in shape and also feel active. It makes you feel youthful, gives you glowing skin and promotes self-confidence.  

So you should at least exercise 5 times a week in order to stay healthy, fit and maintain a good figure. All these factors also help delay ageing and make your skin healthy and glowing. 

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